• Nelson Auge' is a commercial photographer based in Louisville, Kentucky. Bringing a contemporary, colorful, and edgy dynamic to his imagery, he is available for any project regardless of size or scale.
  • After graduating from The Commercial Art Program at Jefferson Community College in 2006, Nelson attended the Hite Art Institute at The University of Louisville where he studied alternative and historical process as well as fine art photography.
  • In 2007 Nelson traveled to Santa Barbara, California, to attend Brooks Institute of Photography where he studied with some of the best commercial photographers in the business. He also had the opportunity to work with some extremely talented photographers, stylists, actors, and filmmakers in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.
  • Returning to Louisville in 2009 he began shooting assignments and refining his book- always chasing the light, refining his skills, and creating more amazing imagery.
  • This is what Nelson brings to the party:
  • Detail oriented styling and technically superior photographic techniques. Masterful control of lighting with a cinematic feel. A variety of looks to meet any project's needs. A playful and colorful dynamic born of a careful study of popular culture and how that culture is presented in editorial and commercial photography.